Aircraft Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

Calendar-based and repetitive maintenance tasks, functional and operational checks on various systems as prescribed by Transport Canada.

Logic Air’s offerings include highly specialized tasks such as:

  • FDR correlation checks
  • CVR intelligibility checks
  • Air Data System (primary aircraft sensor) inspection
  • Calibration and operational tests
  • Fire Detection Extinguishing System inspection and operational tests
  • Passenger Address System operational tests
  • Navigation and Auto-flight System inspection and function testing

Unscheduled Maintenance

Logic Air is quick to respond to its customers’ needs when it comes to unexpected aircraft avionics defects. Our technicians are skilled in troubleshooting, snag recovery and defect rectification – enabling operators to minimize aircraft downtime.

Line Maintenance

Logic Air and JetSetters Maintenance Services, partners since 2013, offer aircraft line maintenance services to operators.
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